The Most Complete and Easiest Way to Play Online Togel

How to Play Togel Online the Most Complete and Easiest to Understand Data hk – You just want to try to plunge into the world of online gambling lottery? Or more often called hell beginner.

If so, do not let you in the future take the wrong first step.

Before starting to bet, make sure that you already have the basic knowledge of online lottery gambling.

This is useful so that you don’t choose the wrong type of bet that is most suitable for play.

In this article I will discuss thoroughly each type of online lottery bets in the world today.

And in the last part, I will give an example to place an online lottery number on one type of bet.

The Most Complete and Easiest Way to Play Online Togel

Ohiya, before I get to the point of the discussion. Let me first introduce the TRUSTED lottery site that I will use as an example and reference material here.

Introducing SUKATOGELONLINE lottery agents that have been operating from 2014 until today.

Actually there is no specific reason I chose this one lottery site anyway, because indeed I have also been a permanent member in Sukatogel since 2016 until now.

I have tried various lottery sites besides SUKATOGEL, but it turns out that the most suitable for me is still SUKATOGEL.

There have been so many reviews that I made about SUKATOGEL lottery agents, you can read it on this blog.

Well, just go straight into my main discussion huh …

Types of online lottery bets with a short explanation

  1. 4D, 3D, and 2D
    You are free to choose whether you want to play only 4D (4 digit) bets, or 3D, or 2D.
    Suppose you put the number 7894 with a nominal IDR 50,000, then it turns out the output number is not the same. Then you declared lost
    , but will be a different story again if you install for each number 4D, 3D and 2D with a nominal £ 10,000
    So the order is this: 4D = 7894, 3D = 894, 2D = 94
    Hey, to number the output 3D and 2D is the same as your guess. Then SAH you have won 2 online lottery bets
  2. 2D Position
    Lottery numbers usually have a structure like this: 7894 (ABCD)
    So, front 2D = 78
    middle 2D = 89
    rear 2D = 94
  3. Colok Free
    You only need to guess correctly 1 number on 4D, its position is free anywhere.
    For example, the output number is 7894, and you guessed 9.
    Then you won the bet
  4. Colok 2D Free
    How to play the same as the free plug that I have explained above, the only difference is that you are required to guess 2 numbers correctly.
  5. Colok Naga This
    type of betting is also not much different from the 2 types above, it’s just that you have to guess 3 numbers correctly in order to get a win
  6. Plug in Sharp
    You must know first that in the lottery numbers there are divisions, namely: US, KOP, HEAD, and TAIL.
    For example: Today’s output number is 7894
    7 = AS
    8 = KOP
    9 = HEAD
    4 = TAIL
    Example: You buy guess the output number HEAD = 9
    Then if it is adjusted to today’s output number, then you win the right betting bet for today.
  7. Middle Edges
    In this type of bet you only need to pay attention to the 2 back numbers on today’s output.
    Brief explanation: CENTRAL (25-74), whereas EDGE (0-24 and 75-99)
    Example: Today’s lottery output 7894
    You placed a bet for EDGE
    Then you have won the online lottery bet this time, because the 2 back numbers are 94
  8. Basic
  9. 50-50
  10. Flower Kempis
    In this one game you must pay attention to 3 numbers.
    With the structure: ABCD
    For example, the number issued today is 7894
    Home = AB / 78
    Middle = BC / 89
    Rear = CD / 94Then you also need to know about the flower and flat
    Flower -> enlarge
    Kempis -> shrink
    Twin -> twin numbers (same number )For example:
    You buy a number for KEMBANG for the front, then today’s output is 7894.
    Since this is only the front, then just pay attention to the number 78
    The order is 7-8, which has the ENLARGING understanding.
    Then you win, because the guess is correct.
  11. Combination
    As the name implies, all you have to do is combine the structure of the lottery number: AS HEAD OF HEAD HEAD
    You only need to know the 4 points below:
    Large = 50-99 (total 50 numbers)
    Small = 00-49 (total 50 numbers as well)
    Even = 0, 2, 4, 6, 8
    Odd = 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 For example, you put for BIG on the tail and odd head, well this is what is called a combination in online lottery games.
    Then the number released today is 7894
    Then you can be called the betting winner, because BIG tails (94) and ODD heads (9)

With each point that I have given an explanation, although not all types of online lottery games I explained above. But what I really explain in detail is the type of online lottery bets most interested now, and certainly the most profitable for you all yes.

OK then I’ll give you a little guidance to play on the trusted lottery site SUKATOGELONLINE.

Please note the short steps below:

  • First, access to sukatogel through the link next to this ->
  • After the main page appears on your device’s screen, find the form to login.
  • If you don’t have a sukatogel account, please register for an account
  • After you enter your username and password , then you will see a screen like the one below
  • Press the “I Agree” button to continue
  • Then you will be shown sukatogel main menu, select the market you want in the top left corner
  • Then, select the game you want to play now. Here I take the example of “Plug Free”
  • Enter the nominal you wish to bet in the column that is available
  • If you are sure of the number you purchased, press the “Send” button
  • Done

Very easy right?

Yes, it is true!

Because Sukatogel has indeed designed the appearance and system of their lottery sites in such a way as to be easily understood by all fans of online lottery gambling in Indonesia.

Just like that explanation from me this time. Hope it can be useful for you

If you feel that this article can be useful for others as well, don’t hesitate to share it with your relatives or friends.

Thank you for listening to the end, until we meet again in my next discussion.

Success continues for your online lottery gambling.

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