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Pick winning lottery numbers is something every emergence lottery player wants to do. That’s everyone’s dream of winning the lottery using your own lottery strategy. But what are the odds of winning the lottery? Now to win the actual lottery you might see 1 in 324 million. You see, you have a better chance of getting struck by lighting twice in one day then winning the lottery. Your mind might also be someone must win and that might just be me. I use to think like that too and throw thousands and thousands of dollars a year Pengeluaran sgp to win the lottery. I use my lucky number again and again but it keeps failing. My friend introduced me to choosing 3 lotteries using a proven system and I have never been so happy in my life.

Finally, I have stopped wasting my money in the lottery and I have started investing. I am lucky to have chosen 3 numbers so many times I can’t even tell you. This is the best feeling in the world watching choosing 3 numbers every night and seeing them win at least 3 times a week all thanks to the little system I developed based on UNMATCHED numbers. For those of you who don’t know what UNMATCHED number I am describing. There are 3 types of combinations that can be taken from pick 3.

The first combination is an UNMATCHED number. This is a number consisting of 3 numbers where there are no repeating numbers. Examples of UNMATCHED numbers include 034, 943, 901, 479, 098, etc … These are numbers that YOU will play. account number UNMATCHED The reason is for 72% of all numbers and if playing on the FORM BET BOX (the combination will win regardless of the order) there are only 120 COMBINATIONS. If you play pick 3 without using an UNMATCHED number your chances of winning are exactly 1: 1000. Not too good. 1: 120 is much better than 1: 1000. Look at your country choosing 3 pictures from last month. I guarantee you will see AT LEAST 22 of the 30 images produced in an incomparable amount. They are more common than combinations of two and three.

double combination each combination which is 2 repeating numbers. Examples include 773, 883, 909, 122, etc … Be careful when playing double combinations as they occur approximately 5 times out of 30 months.

combination of three is a combination that ALL 3 numbers repeat. This combination includes 000, 111, 222, 555, 888, 999, etc. Three combinations occur 1 out of 99 images (or every 3 months). Don’t bother wasting your money by number three.

In all, only playing UNMATCHED numbers you have the best chance of winning. You defy all odds of winning lottery by playing UNMATCHED numbers. Taking 3 games is the only lottery picture that really gives you a logical chance of winning and not taking a miracle. I really wish you the best of luck and try UNMATCHED numbers the next time you play!

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